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Poultry Robot v1

Poultry Robot

Bengal Champ is working towards to be a global leader in robot manufacturing…

Under Water Rov

Under Water ROV

The Under Water ROV is a type of drone that...

Bomb Disposal Robot v2

Bomb Disposal Robot

Terrorism has become a worldwide problem. Security forces in various countries...

Mine Sweper Robot v1

Mine Disposal Robot

A mine is a type of bomb that is placed underground or underwater...

Delivary Robot v2

Delivery Robot

The business of delivering goods has expanded worldwide. In several...

Airport Robot

Airport Robot

At airports, it is necessary to transport one or more pieces of for the majority…

Agro Robot

Agro Robot

In order to increase agricultural production, Bengal Champ's upcoming project…

Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer

A gas analyzer is an electronic device that can be used...

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