Poultry robot

Bengal Champ is working towards to be a global leader in robot manufacturing. In this purpose the first step of Bengal Champ is to build a poultry robot.

Many countries including Bangladesh meet their own poultry demand and export to abroad. In these countries there are huge numbers of poultry farm. In 2021 only china have 5.12 billion chickens.1  Then guess how many poultry farm in all over the world.

Maintaining a poultry farm is very challenging task. In order to addrressing these challenges to increase productivity of poultry farm Bengal Champ’s upcoming project is Poultry Robot.

Will increase production of Poultry Industry:
  1. In poultry farm growing up chickens need to keep moving after a several interval in order to growth development. When a human being do this task it is very challenging for him to monitor if every chicken is moving perfectly or not.

    Let’s explain why this task is challenging for human being. Imagine you went to a market where there is a few hundread amounts of shop. Imagine a person has a duty to create a list whats happening in each shop. After few hours of doing this task the person will be tired and his brain will be unable to work perfectly.

    Let’s explain how a robot will face this challenge. For complex task human brain get tired but the robot brain will not. Now you can ask what is robot brain. Robot’s brain is nothing but an onboard single computer. An onboard single computer will be used in Bengal Champ’s Poultry robot which is connected to cloud. If a computer get enough electric power supply and if the cooling process of processor is ongoing then the computer can work continuously. Bengal Champ’s poultry robot have this feature.

  1. The second challenging task is to detect diseased chicken. If the disease be contagious like bird flue it may epidemic before detect it. Bengal Champ’s Poultry Robot has thermal imaging camera. The temparature of diseased chicken are different from well chicken. Thermal Imaging Camera can detect this temperature difference very easily. Also data contained by thermal camera also stored in cloud. Bengal Champ’s Poultry Robot contains the onboard single computer is enable to install Machine Learning or AI capable software. So using Artificial Intelligence it is possible to detect diseased chicken very quickly. If chicken is effected by any kind of infectous germs than the Artificial intelligence of the robot can detect it and send the notification to the cloud server which is very challenging for human being.

  2. With thermal Camera the poultry robot of bengal champ has also some other sensors such as ammonia ( NH3 ) detection sensors and hydrojen sulphide ( H2S ) sensors. A huge amount of ammonia gas is produced from chicken excretion and A huge amount of hydrogen sulphide gas is produced from rotten egg. These gases are very toxic. In the presence of these gases in so much amount chickens may die due to suffocation. Bengal Champ’s Poultry  robot will visit and monitor the whole poultry farm and if detect the presence of ammonia or hydrogen sulphide gas in high level it will send notification to the cloud server so that concerned authority can take proper steps.

  3. Another feature of bengal champ’s poultry robot’s is to spray disinfectant. If a human being is get the duty to spray disinfectant he may be spray the disinfectant equally in every space. But in this case the poultry robot of bengal champ will work more efficiently. The poultry robot of bengal champ has various kind of sensors such as depth camera, thermal camera and gas detectors sensors. Received environmental data through these sensors will be processed and find out where how much disinfectant needs to be sprayed.

  4. The last challenging part is guarding the farm. During night when the chickens are sleeping lights are turned off. Some hunter animals like ( snakes, civet , jungle cat, fox and monkies ) will use the chance of this darkness. As the poultry robot of bengal champ has thermal imaging camera and Artificial intelligence so it can recognize these harmful animals and can send notification to the server.

  5. The data collected by poultry robots and stored in cloud these can be used in research for the purpose of poultry farm development.

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