Gas Analyzer

A gas analyzer is an electronic device that can be used to measure the amount of gas present in the air of specific place. Basically, the amount of these different gas is determined to measure how polluted the air of a particular place is.

The name of this Gas Analyzer is গন্ধবণিক ( Gondhobonik ). In Bengali Language Gondhobonik means Commercial Smell.


Gas Analyzer

Some unique features of Bengal Champ Gas Analyzer:

  • It can measure 5 things in the air:
  1. Amount of ammonia gas (NH3).
  2. Amount of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas.
  3. Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC).
  4. Temperature.
  5. Humidity.
  • It has IOT feture. It is able to send data to cloud that parameters is measured by it
  • It has built in Battery Management System (BMS). That means it can run on a charge.


Where can this Bengal Champ gas analyzer would be used?

  • Laboratories: Different university or industrial laboratories where different requirements require the presence and quantity of different gas to be determined. There Bengal Champ will work as an assistant to this gas analyzer.
  • City Corporation: Among the 12 city corporations in Bangladesh, some city corporations have started waste disposal projects. That is why some cities have waste disposal areas. Sylhet City Corporation Waste Disposal Zone Location Here: A lot of garbage is collected from the entire divisional city and stored in these zones. Due to which a lot of poisonous gas is generated in these places, which is harmful to the health of the people concerned at the field level of the waste disposal project. Measuring the amount of toxic gas in these areas is very important. This gas analyzer from Bengal Champ is very helpful in this task. 
  • Poultry Industry:  Poultry farms and markets produce a lot of ammonia gas due to droppings and a lot of hydrogen sulfide gas when eggs rot. This Bengal Champ gas analyzer is especially useful for the poultry industry.