Bomb Disposal Robot

Terrorism has become a worldwide problem. Security forces in various countries are facing challenges against terrorists. Bangladesh’s security forces are also actively involved in countering such threats.

Bomb Disposal Robot v2

In 2016, in Dhaka city, an operation was conducted against a terrorist group at the Holy Artisan restaurant. In 2017, at Atia Mahal in Sylhet, and in 2019, at Shahjalal International Airport, a security forces operation was conducted against airplane hijacker. Such operations often require the disposal of bombs by the security forces, which is extremely risky. Many advanced countries use robots for conducting these operations. Bengal Champ has taken the initiative to develop such a robot in Bangladesh.. It has the following main features:

  • Tank-type Tires: The use of tanks in the battlefield is well-known to everyone. However, many people don’t know the unique design of tank tires. Tank tires are designed in such a way that they can operate on any type of terrain. But the Bomb Disposal Robot of Bengal Champ has an additional feature to tackle challenges. It can move forward and backward using caterpillar tracks, which means it can climb or descend slopes. Keeping these requirements in mind, the tires of the Bengal Champ’s Bomb Disposal Robot of have been designed.
  • Robotic Arm: To handle the bomb, it has a robotic arm that can maneuver in a specific range around it. The stability of the robotic arm is more precise than a human hand. In many cases, a human hand may not be able to perform certain tasks that a robotic arm can accomplish.
  • Camera: There is a camera installed for viewing the surroundings of the robot. The camera will be mounted on the robotic arm. It will capture the footage of whether the robotic arm has successfully grasped the bomb and in which direction it is moving. Everything will be recorded and monitored through this camera.
  • Remote Control: The entire robot will be controlled remotely. Everything that is captured by the robot’s camera can be viewed and controlled from a remote location