Mine Disposal Robot

A mine is a type of bomb that is placed underground or underwater. When something passes over it, it explodes. The objective of land-based mines is to destroy land vehicles and underwater mines are used for destroying watercraft such as ships or submarines. The peacekeepers of Bangladesh appointed in United Nations peacekeeping missions face significant challenges due to the presence of mines in various countries in Africa. The security forces of many advanced countries around the world use robots for mine disposal because it is a risky task. The Bengal Champ has taken the initiative to develop robots for mine disposal in Bangladesh.

Mine Sweper Robot v1

The chassis of this robot is designed to resemble the chassis of tanks used in the battlefield. This enables it to operate on all types of terrains, just like a tank.

In front of this robot, there is a mine detector primarily used to identify mines.

It is fully remote-controlled or operated from a distance.