Under Water ROV

The Under Water ROV is a type of drone that is capable of operating in the depths of water. In most cases, when people hear the word “drone,” they imagine an image of an unmanned. However, there are drones specifically designed for operations beneath the water. 

Let’s find out what can be done with the Bengal Champ’s Under Water ROV.

Under Water Rov

To deal with natural disasters: In 2022, there was a devastating flood in the Sylhet Division. A significant portion of agricultural land in Sunamganj district of the Sylhet Division got submerged under water. There was extensive damage to crops. Bengal Champ’s Under Water ROV, has a feature that allows it to monitor or conduct surveillance beneath the water. In the future, if agricultural land gets submerged again due to floods, this rover can be used to explore underneath the water and retrieve crops from any accessible location.

In the field of fisheries and marine research: Under Water ROV are used for research on fish and marine organisms in different countries around the world. If researchers from various universities and institutions in Bangladesh want to use such ROV’s for their research, they usually have to purchase them at a high cost from abroad. However, if these underwater rovers could be built in Bangladesh through the initiative of the Bengal Champ, then they could be made available to local researchers at a comparatively lower cost. Moreover, they could also be exported to other countries.