Delivery Robot

The business of delivering goods has expanded worldwide. In several advanced countries, delivery through robots has begun. Following this trend, Bengal Champ has taken the initiative to develop a delivery robot in Bangladesh.

Let’s see what features Bengal Champ’s delivery robot has:

  1. Cloud: Bengal Champ has a cloud system to monitor the entire robotic system. If multiple robots are assigned to delivery tasks in a city, they will be connected to a cloud server.
  2. Mobile App: The recipient, who will receive the delivery, will have a mobile app on their phone. Through the app, when they complete a delivery order, their location will be sent to the cloud using the mobile phone’s GPS. The Bengal Champ robot will deliver to that location.
  3. GPS Tracker: Since the robot will reach the recipient based on their GPS location, each delivery robot of Bengal Champ will have a GPS tracker. The real-time location of the robot will be sent to the server via the cloud, allowing controllers to monitor it constantly.
  4. Terrain-Friendly Mechanism: Since the Bengal Champ delivery robot needs to navigate through every nook and corner of the city, it will have to go through various types of roads and terrains. It, sometimes, needs to traverse broken roads, uneven surfaces, steep inclines, and various types of pathways adjacent to the road. To ensure smooth operation of the Bengal Champ delivery robot in different road conditions, it will have rocking-bogie mechanism.
  5. Computer Vision Technology: Computer vision technology enables a person to perceive what surrounds them through the lens of a camera, just like how our brain processes the scene we see with our eyes. The Bengal Champ delivery robot will have an advanced depth camera. Unlike regular cameras, a depth camera can capture three-dimensional images of the scene in front of it. The Bengal Champ delivery robot will have a single-board computer with high computational power and artificial intelligence capabilities to process the three-dimensional views obtained from the depth camera. It will be able to understand its surroundings, such as the presence of vehicles in front of it. If a vehicle approaches from the opposite direction, it will navigate around it without colliding. It will also be able to interpret traffic signals and act accordingly.
  6. Product or Parcel Protector: TThe Bengal Champ delivery robot will have a protective container to carry the products or parcels it delivers. Only when the recipient of the delivery robot gives the command through the app, the accessible delivery product will be released. Otherwise, it will remain secured in the container.